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About Us

How NasoBoost Started


Like most inventions, NasoBoost began with a need to solve a real-life problem. The need to breathe better through the nose. Back in the year 2011, Texas A&M Engineer William Bass noticed that his deviated septum and nasal allergies were severely restricting air flow through his nose during exercise. After trying countless nasal dilators available in the market, none worked for him and most "felt like torture devices designed in the Middle Ages".


As a lifelong tinkerer and inventor, William decided to develop a product for himself and began experimenting on weekends to design a better nose insert that would improve nasal breathing and be safe, effective and comfortable to wear. Three years and many prototypes later, the first prototype of his advanced nasal insert was ready for testing. A year later, William developed a unique system to select the proper NasoBoost size by simply measuring the bridge of the nose. Today, NasoBoost  is quickly gathering a loyal following that see it as "the most advanced high-performance nasal dilator created to date".

" It's simple.  Breathe better.  Perform better "

William Bass

What makes NasoBoost Nose Inserts different?

  • Safely improve air flow and breathing efficiency through your nose at all levels of exertion.

  • Groundbreaking design uses only smoothly curved surfaces to expand nasal passages.

  • Have absolutely no sharp edges, rings or linear shapes for a more comfortable fit.

  • NasoBoost nose inserts can be used comfortably in your nose for extended periods during exercise, rest or sleep.

  • Are applied quickly and easily during exercise to reduce breaks in concentration.

  • Special textured surfaces keep NasoBoost firmly in position during strenuous activities.

  • Made with skin-safe plastics that can be washed with anti-bacterial soap, mouthwash or water.

  • Available in 8 different colors and 9 progressive sizes to ensure the best fit.


And by the way, NasoBoost nasal dilators are made to last, so there is no need for ongoing purchases.

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