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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Should NasoBoost nose inserts be used by children?

A: No. NasoBoost is not recommended for children because they can be a choke hazard if they are swallowed.


Q: Can a NasoBoost insert be used while sleeping?

A: Yes. NasoBoost nasal dilators can be used during sleep because they improve airflow through the nose and help you rest better. 


Q: Can a NasoBoost nose dilator reduce snoring?

A: Yes. NasoBoost can open nasal passages and reduce snoring when it is caused by obstructions or inflammations in the nose.


Q: Can a NasoBoost be used for any type of activity?

A: No. NasoBoost should not be used in activities where the nose can be impacted.


Q: How do I select the proper NasoBoost size?

A: First, measure the length of your nose bridge with a ruler (mm). Then find the corresponding NasoBoost size in the Size Selection Chart provided in our website.


Q: Can I use my NasoBoost with allergies or a cold?

A: Yes. NasoBoost can significantly improve breathing when nasal passages are restricted due to inflammation, allergies, or colds.


Q: Do I need to replace my NasoBoost insert on a regular basis?

A: No. NasoBoost dilators are designed to last indefinitely unless damaged.

Q: What is the best way to maintain my NasoBoost?

A: We recommend washing and disinfecting your NasoBoost dilator before and after every use. Simply wash your NasoBoost with anti-bacterial soap or mouthwash.


Q: Can I boil my NasoBoost in water?

A: No. We do not recommend boiling your NasoBoost, as boiling temperatures are too high and will damage your Nasowing.


Q: What do I use to disinfect my NasoBoost?

A: Disinfect your NasoBoost with anti-bacterial soap, regular mouthwash, or alcohol.

Product Development Objectives: 

  • Improve airflow and breathing through nose safely and comfortably.

  • Accurately conform to the curved shapes of nasal passages.

  • Gently expand internal nasal surfaces to maximize airflow.

  • Must function efficient at all levels of breathing activity.

  • Must be comfortable to use for extended periods of time.

  • Cannot have sharp edges, linear parts, or metal of any kind.

  • Can be applied quickly and easily to avoid interruptions in activity.

  • Must stay firmly inside the nose during all levels of activity.

  • Must be scientifically proven to increase airflow through the nose.

  • Must reduce nose-breathing effort to increase performance.

  • Must be made to last, so there is no need to buy refills.

  • Made with safe plastics that are flexible & chemically resistant.

  • Must resist washing with hot water, alcohol & anti-bacterial soaps.

  • Available in wide range of sizes to ensure an optimum fit.

  • Available in several colors to fit different lifestyles.

  • Primary Objective: Increase oxygenation levels by safely increasing airflow through the nose to enhance mental and physical performance. 

  • Secondary Objective: Improve breathing during sleep for better rest.

  • Secondary Objective: Reduce snoring by increasing nasal airflow.

"My  NasoBoost is AMAZING!!! I practice Yoga three times a week. For years, I did not imagine I could breathe this well!  I highly recommend it for Yoga. Thank you!

Marcello Becchi -  Expert yoga breathing instructor

" I tried a NasoBoost for a 60-mile weekend bike ride.  I was able to breathe through my nose  easily for the whole race! Finished three minutes ahead of my group and felt great! I noticed a significant improvement in my breathing performance! Now I keep an extra NasoBoost taped to my bike just in case I forget it! Great product, also love that it's made in the USA." 

John Strathmore - Competitive road cycler

"Got my yellow NasoBoost two months ago to do cardio at the gym. It made a huge difference in my breathing. Helps me sleep better too. I love this product and always show it off to my friends at the gym!"

Suzy Slovak - Gym warrior

"Bought a NasoBoost for my daily walks around the neighborhood. From day one I noticed a big difference in how much easier it was to breathe through my nose. My wife suggested I use it for sleeping to stop my snoring. Works great!

I highly recommend this product!"

Pete Mackintosh - Hiker & runner

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