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Step 1 - Use a regular ruler or measuring tape that has millimeters (mm).

Step 2 - Feel the top of your nose bridge and find the top indentation.

Step 3 - Place the ruler or measuring tape on top of the nose bridge.

Step 4 - Measure the distance from the top nose indentation to tip of nose. 

Step 5 - Use the size selection chart to find the corresponding NasoBoost size.

Step 1 - Blow your nose and rinse to make sure it is thoroughly clean.

Step 2 - Hold nasal dilator firmly between your thumb and index finger with the curved wings facing upward.

Step 3 - Stretch your nose septum vertically by  moving your top lip downward.

Step 4 -  Gently insert the NasoBoost while moving it slightly up and down until it is comfortably fixed in the proper position.

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